X-Bushing: KTM Free Ride 250-350, 2014-2016

NEW X-BUSHING for Free Ride 250 and 300
  • Item #: 5105-ZB-FR-85-105
  • Manufacturer: Synergy Seals
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5105-FB-FR-85-105
  • Condition: New
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Price $65.00
5 or more $60.00 each
KTM FREE RIDE 250 - 300 YEAR 2014 - 2018 Synergy Seals introduces the NEW re-engineered X-Bushing. The X-Bushing is an adjustable bushing for KTM's to raise or lower the rear end three different positions, 1/4", 3/8", 5/8". The Free Ride setup requires one setup for each position requiring a match drill point into the bushing for each desired position. Do you love your PDS KTM, but hate how tall it is? Have you already adjusted your pre-load, installed a shorter seat, and raised the forks in the triple clamp but still need an extra inch? The X-Bushing gives you that extra adjustment to make any PDS KTM more comfortable for the vertically challenged. The rider can raise and lower the rear suspension without having to modify the shock internals with spacers. KIT INCLUDES: X-BUSHING M5 X 0.8MM X 8MM LONG SET SCREW RESULTS: You will find better all around performance in down hills, whoops and lower center of gravity. The X-Bushing changes the angle of the shock which enables the shock become progressive sooner in the stroke. We have reports of the bike to soak through the stroke smoother and move the mid-hit dampening up a little farther. Also, overall handling and turning is improved....this is good. Please call us for any other questions regarding the new X-Bushing. Synergy Seals LLC Minor modifications are needed. Go here to learn more: http://synergyseals.com/SYNERGY_INSTRUCTIONS.html